Labor & Delivery FAQs regarding COVID-19

Updated September 28, 2022

Is it safe to have my baby at the hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Our hospital has strict protocols in place to support infection prevention measures, following best practices and necessary precautions. Further, Hoag Labor and Delivery as well as our post-partum maternity unit have secure entrances and no contact with other care areas.

I have a large family who would like to visit me and the baby at the hospital. Is that still possible?

We understand you want to share the joy of a new life with family and loved ones. For the safety and health of our patients and caregivers, patients in labor may have two support persons per stay, from admission to discharge. Please know this is in direct support of the health of you and your child, and we are grateful for your understanding.

You can access information on Hoag’s visitor policy here.

Who can visit and/or be with me during labor and delivery?

For new mothers laboring and delivering, they may have two adult support persons from the same household per stay, from admission to discharge. One support person is allowed to stay overnight. Patients in labor may also choose to use a doula. Prior arrangements for doula to be present must be made with the hospital and doula must comply with PPE and Infection Prevention guidelines. Patients who choose to use a doula will still be allowed two support persons.

What if I’m sick when I go into labor?

While we hope all our expectant parents remain illness-free, we do have a contingency plan in the event an expectant mother is ill. In addition to taking the appropriate steps to ensure the safety of our mothers and babies, if we suspect a laboring mother may have or has tested positive for COVID-19, we will follow established infection prevention measures.

Should I consider a home birth?

A home birth is not considered a safer alternative and involves no medical care for pain management, fetal distress, postpartum bleeding, or failure of labor to progress. Unless a home birth was your plan from conception (which should only be considered in low risk women with a certified nurse midwife and physician/hospital back-up), we encourage expectant mothers not to proceed with this birth plan.

Hoag Maternity Orientation – Virtual

Virtual Maternity Orientations for Hoag Hospital Newport Beach and Irvine are designed to help expectant parents plan for their baby’s birth. The program provides information about our facility, available resources before and after birth, and expectations for your hospital experience. Register today

Note: orientations do not include a physical tour of the hospital. Virtual tours of both locations are available.

Online childbirth education is available. Register for our Understanding Birth eClass here to prepare for what to expect on delivery day.

Additional updates on COVID-19 are available here, and are subject to change. For specific information regarding COVID and Pregnancy, click here.